APM List

All of the links below are genuine recommendations; I don't recommend something I have not personally used or thoroughly researched. That means this list is short, but good.

Some of them are also affiliate links, meaning at no cost to you, I earn some extra money if you click through and make a purchase. Why does APM List need money?

Resume Reviews & Mock Interviews

Our resume reviews and mock interviews are now closed. We recommend you use community based resources like Exponent to get peer feedback.

Interview Prep Books
Great for practicing sample questions you might be asked during an interview
Resources to Invest in Your Long-term Product Skillset
While these aren't short-term resources to read right before an interview, they are all great long term investments in your product management skills.
Places you can go to connect and interact with other (aspiring) product managers.

Exponent is a community of over 25,000 aspiring product managers that offers a peer-to-peer mock interviewing platform, and interview question database.