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Why does APM List need money?

tl;dr — APM List needs money because it costs money to run.

Why does APM List cost money?

APM List is unarguably the best list of entry-level product roles that exists.

Why do I say this? It's simple — Because we have real, live human beings checking role statuses and working on site improvements every single day.

The APM List team is paid money for their work (as they should be).

Beyond paying people, we also have infrastructure costs. During peak season, tens of thousands of people come to this site, and many of them come concurrently because a role just opened up. Supporting a pipeline where we can find leads, email users quickly, and support a large volume of people simply costs money.

Free vs Paid

If you've used this site, this probably goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway — APM List's core value of seeing what programs exist and how to apply is free. You pay no money to view the list.

It is my intent to have it remain this way. I never want to charge for this information.

That being said, if the site did not make money at all, I would lose a non-trivial amount of money keeping this site alive, and I would have to shut down.

I justify the existence of APM List to my bank account by offering the list for free, and having certain other resources and perks that cost money. This means that the payments of the few who want extra help supports the existence of information for those who would otherwise not be able to access such a resource.

If you believe in keeping APM List free to use, and you have the means to do so, the best way you can support the community is by directly.

Thank you — not from me, but on behalf of the tens of thousands who learned about a job opportunity thanks to you.